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Letter from the Chairman, Keith Lindemulder

Wednesday, June 08, 2016 11:34 AM | Deleted user

Dear Friends,

This has been a monumental year for the USGBC Texas Chapter. On Earth Day (appropriately) we were notified by the State of Texas that our Chapter merger had been officially completed and the USGBC Texas Chapter had been officially recognized.

The success of our merger is based in the positive support from each of the original Chapters and this predicts that consolidating into one Chapter will truly strengthen our organization’s ability to escalate green building to a whole new level in the State of Texas.

We know from experience that when we unite, we have a stronger voice especially in fundraising and advocacy. The Chapter also benefits from greater collaboration and administrative efficiencies giving us a stronger foundation.

One of the first tasks set for the USGBC Texas Board of Directors was the creation of Strategic Plan.  The following key focus areas will steer our efforts over next several years:


Develop and implement programs to engage communities across Texas through individual and partner outreach, advocacy, education, marketing and communications in ways that promote local experts and successful projects.


Texans depend on the natural environment for clean air, water and energy. Development, construction, and building operations have a significant impact those resources and on the world around us. As significant increases in the population of Texas continue alongside expanded development and resource exploration, USGBC Texas has the opportunity and responsibility to forward the conversation surrounding these important issues.


Use education, outreach and advocacy to increase the demand for sustainably developed buildings and communities, and to generally promote economic activity in the green building and jobs sector in Texas.

Organizational Excellence

The formation of USGBC Texas is an opportunity to establish the model for USGBC chapters across the nation with regard to coming together in the name of service, stewardship, collaboration and leadership. We exist to provide an opportunity for service to the community, but also to provide service to our membership. We are committed to the tenets of transparency, accountability and partnership. We are the catalysts of change responsible for building the next generation of green leaders.

The five regions of USGBC Texas – Texas Gulf Coast, based in Houston; South Texas, based in San Antonio; Central Texas, based in Austin; West Texas based in El Paso, and North Texas, based in Dallas – focus on gaining support for and involvement in green building activities within their communities through advocacy, community outreach and education.  Each Region has many ways for you get involved from speaking at middle school career days and Green Apple Day of Service projects to major symposiums on building energy use and water issues.

Each of these helps us achieve our mission:

To transform the way buildings, homes and communities are designed, built, maintained and operated in Texas through outreach, education, advocacy and partnerships, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life in Texas.

As a non-profit organization, our mission is only possible because of the generous donations of our stakeholders and the work of our volunteers. In that spirit, I invite you to join us at the USGBC Texas Chapter to share a vision of the future of our state. 

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Best Regards,

Keith Lindemulder
Chairman, USGBC Texas
Environmental Business Development, NuCor Corporation

USGBC Texas Chapter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 1801 Royal Lane, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75229

Contact us at chapter@usgbctexas.org or at 214-571-9244

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