What Best Practices Champions Do

USGBC Texas Best Practices Champions are Built Environment Professionals, Community Facing Organizations and Individual Advocates successfully implementing policies, designs, technologies, and processes, that consistently exceed lowest first-cost minimum-code requirements and create healthier, more efficient and prosperous communities. Texas has many of these knowledgeable and passionate individuals whose expertise creates substantial social, environmental, and financial value to their clients and communities. 

USGBC Texas Best Practices Champions Directory

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Champions at Work

    • Best Practice Champions care about where they and others live,
    • Best Practice Champion give of themselves so others can emulate their success,
    • Best Practice Champions have committed to connecting directly with community facing organizations to lend support,
    • Community facing organizations are the key to Best Practices Champions being more successful.

The Planet People Profit Impact (PPPI) App

The Planet People Profit Impact (PPPI) App gives building and community Creators and Inhabitants equal access to the full environmental, human, and financial capital dollar value impacts available from existing proven-sustainable-best-practice designs, technologies, and policies. The app is free and available to everyone, whether or not you are a member of USGBC Texas.

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David MacLean
USGBC Texas Best Practices Committee Chair

Jonathan Kraatz
USGBC Texas Executive Director


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