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Best Practices Champions Kickoff

  • Thursday, June 25, 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Online meeting


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USGBC Texas - Best Practices Champions Kickoff
Viewing Global Best Practices through Texas Leadership

June 25th, 2020

Online meeting 

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


How we design, construct, operate and maintain our buildings has an immediate and lasting impact on the Social, Environmental and Financial health of our communities.  Texas continues to rank high Nationally in total number and total area of Energy Star and LEED certified buildings and has over 11,000 trained LEED Accredited Professionals.

However, the advancement of betterments such as Energy Efficient Designs, Proven Advanced Technologies, Healthy Indoor Air Quality, and Higher Standards of Care Processes have stagnated. We are also failing to consistently deploy these Best Practices Benefits beyond well-funded Class A Office Buildings or affluent School Systems. We are especially ineffective when it comes to providing equitable access to these proven Best Practices, in our under-served communities. We are not creating efficient, healthy, and prosperous places for Citizens in these at-risk communities to live, learn, work and play.  

We need a different approach.  An approach that builds on the success our Texas Leaders continue to demonstrate.  An approach that asks our Texas Leaders (gently) to give of their gifts and talents and participate in helping all our USGBC Members transform our State.

Join us in the first meeting and working session of the USGBC Texas Best Practices Committee. During this 1.5 hour session you will hear about the purpose of the committee and our vision for the short and long-term, get to know some of the Best Practices Champions of the committee and participate in an ideation sprint to help us think about solutions to overcome some of the challenges we will be facing.

This session will be facilitated by Unboxed, a social innovation consulting firm that helps organizations thrive by connecting people, planet, purpose, and profit. They will introduce us to innovation methods and guide us through a brainstorming sprint in order to generate innovative ideas to make best practices and knowledge about sustainable buildings available for everyone.

Join the Best Practices Champions by updating your Member Profile.

For more information:  https://usgbctexas.org/Champions or contact the Chair of the USGBC Texas Best Practices Committee – David MacLean 

Founder / President McMac Cx, LLC. (www.mcmaccx.com
Commercial & Residential Deployment Manager – ClearValue (www.clearvalue.com)

A person wearing a suit and tie Description automatically generated David is the Founder and President of McMac Cx, LLC., a Mission focused Social Enterprise leveraging Social Tech to construct pathways to healthy Communities where Businesses prosper, Humans thrive and Nature flourishes.  McMac Cx creates performance outcome transparency and accountability within the Built Environment, such that Clients can implement the best designs, advanced technologies and proven processes that maximize the ability of buildings and connected communities to be healthy, efficient and prosperous.  

Human led building science expertise is augmented with leading economic, environmental and social analysis modeling, oversight of building design, construction and operations, cloud-based building automation analytics and real-time performance outcomes via advanced sensor and transparency technologies.

McMac Cx also connects at the grassroots level through their Air Champions – Citizen Scientists initiative and School IAQ Partner Program.   David focuses on collaborative relationships where he can help existing community focused organizations and individuals take their passions to the next level. 

Founding Board Member of the USGBC Texas Chapter and Past Chair of the USGBC Texas Gulf Coast Region, David is committed to improving lives by advocating locally and Statewide for better codes and the highest Standards of Care.  David is engaged locally as a contributor to the City’s Climate Action Plan, Houston’s Cities Connecting Children to Nature program, Local Arc / LEED EBO+M Pilot Projects, Chair of the USGBC Texas Best Practices Committee, Chair of the ASHRAE Houston Commissioning Committee and Founder or Air Champions Citizen Scientists.

About the Kickoff

  1. Set immediate and attainable goals:
    • Construct a database of professionals willing to share their sustainability, health and wellness, resilience, and equity expertise and connect with members locally, (Update your profile now!)
    • Document what Texas Best Practices Champions are accomplishing,
    • Document how Texas Best Practices Champions overcome barriers to successful implementation,
    • Grow our understand how we can best embed the Social, Environmental and Financial benefits of Best Practices within our Corporate and Community Cultures, and
    • Form a deeper collaborative partnership with organizations seeking the same.
  2. Create an environment where Firms and Professionals, working with Best Practices Champions, become successful within our Communities at both the Regional and State Levels, and

  3. Highlight to our Texas Communities, the success our Texas Sustainable Best Practices Champions have attained, and the positive Social, Environmental and Financial impact they contribute to the Texas Built Environment. 

  4. Weekly / Monthly / Annual recognition. 

For more information:  https://usgbctexas.org/Champions

Connection Information

June 25, 2020
1:00 - 2:30 

USGBC Texas Chapter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 1801 Royal Lane, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75229

Contact us at chapter@usgbctexas.org or at 214-571-9244

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