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Advocacy is an opportunity to use our individual and collective power to support specific causes or policies and is an integral part of USGBC Texas’ work. Our role is to inform, educate, and engage Texans to achieve sound policies and procedures to assure a better-built environment for everyone. 

USGBC Texas focuses its advocacy and related actions on government leadership by example, private sector market transformation, raising the bar on codes and regulations, commitment to community-wide sustainability and climate equity, and green schools. 

Read about our priorities One-Pager Narrative of Priorities  

Become a USGBC Texas advocate for change at the local, statewide, or national level by participating in one of our Advocacy committees below or volunteering to advocate on specific issues on an as-needed basis.

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Statewide Advocacy Committee

Statewide committee is composed of representatives from their region identified as liaisons by their regional council/committee.

Specific roles and responsibilities

  • The statewide committee will meet one time per month via a statewide conference call to discuss USGBC goals and issues that affect green buildings across the state.
  • The regional liaison will share a brief report from their region during the monthly call.

  • The committee liaison will share other information about the green building industry from their network.

87th Texas State Legislative Session:

Accessible materials from the “kit of parts” folder &

Legislative Agenda 

Virtual Advocacy Day

March 9th Virtual Advocacy Day event - recording

March 23rd Virtual Advocacy Day event recording

April 13th Virtual Advocacy Day event: Invitation and recording

Regional Committees

The regional advocacy committees are composed of regional members-at-large and meet once a month to discuss actions around issues and changes specific to each region.

Specific roles and responsibilities

  • Meet once a month with members from the regional committee.
  • Elect a liaison to the statewide committee.
  • Discuss the progress of regional goals.
  • Discuss additional issues that affect green building in the region and share other information about the green building industry from their network.

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2020-2022 USGBC Texas State Advocacy Strategic Plan (coming soon!)

Want to get involved at the National level? Join the USGBC National Advocacy Working Group

USGBC National has launched a new initiative – Advocacy Working Group. The Working Group’s role is to expand the number of volunteers involved in our organization’s advocacy work. By joining the Working Group, you will receive updates from USGBC National’s Advocacy team as well as learn how you can get involved. 

For more information read this article -  Join USGBC's new advocacy working group and to sign up visit: Join the working group

USGBC Texas Chapter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 1801 Royal Lane, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75229

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